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The Spa classic
Our classic Mani/Pedi uses a range of specially formulated, natural products containing therapeutic botanical extracts and minerals. If you can’t wear nail polish, this unique treatment will leave your nails with a long lasting natural high class shine-polish free. This treatment improves nail discoloration and helps smooth ridges.Finish off your Mani/Pedi with perfect while tips using color polish
French Manicure / Pedicure
Finish off your mani/pedi with perfect tips using color polish
Paraffin therapy
An intense and deeply soothing, revitalizing treatment, Hands/Feet are dipped in warm paraffin wax which is blended with pure Essential Oils and left to set on the skin.
Revive and rejuvenate the physical being and create a space for inner quiet with this gentle treatment which incorporates. Reflexology and Healind massage eases away stress and tension
Vitamin skin lite depigmentation for hands
Concentrated levels of Lemon oils, vitamin C and botanical extracts are combined to reduce age spots, uneven skin tone, sun spots and discolorations.
Spa Pedisation treatment
shutterstock_7255438 (Large)
An ultimate treatment for exhausted legs, weary heals and tired feet. This package includes sensational massage exfoliating scrub, nourishing work and a final application of softening.
Go Glitter
1 pastel swirl nails -hands-jewelry-rings
Get sparkling tips and toes with enchanting collection of gems and jewels
Contemporary art
Get into the mood of Da Vinci’s art and essence of nature by painting nails
Acrylic/Gel extended set with moulded tips (french)
Tips are moulded using a sculpturing to shape perfect white tips
Extended set with moulded tips (natural)
Tips are amoulded using a sculpturing to shape perfect white tips but with natural tips using natural powder
Extended set with plastic tips (french)
Full set of tips with permanent French finish are applied over your natural nails to provide strength, durability and perfectly shaped nails.
Extended set with plastic tips (natural)
Full set of tips with permanent natural finish are applied over your natural nails to provide strength, durability and perfectly shaped nails.
Overlay set (French)
An application of acrylic or gel with permanent French finish is applied to your existing nails, for extra strength without adding.
Overlay set (natural)
Girl's hands with perfect nail manicure
An application of acrylic or gel with permanent natural finish is applied to your existing nails, for extra strength without adding.
Stage of manicure: modeling of nail with acryl
This helps to readjust the whites of your french tips which are growing but.
For the little princess ( girls aged 12-below)
  • Princess manicure
  • Princess pedicure
  • Princess combo
Classic facial (without bleach)
This introductory facial will give a quick and instant pick me up for dull or lifeless skin. The perfect way to experience a taste of the world with renowned Guinot Facials, as well as an excellent pre-makeup facial for that very special occasion
Personalized facial (without bleach)
This specially designed facial gently whisk away the in ground dirt and dead skin cells. It help to nourish and renew whitened radiant.
Mini lift facial
Clinical face and eye treatment instantly firms, rejuvenate and plumps up the skin, whilst smoothing, sculpting and restoring its youthful tone and texture.
Hydradermie treatment
It is an exclusive Guinot treatment. In little more than on relaxing hour, your skin looks “Brand New” with a monthly maintenance, treatment your skin will become clearer, healthier, radiantly beautiful all year round.
Super Hydra Plus facial
With age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined. Hydrodermie lift is a lifting treatment that also tones the skin and firms the face deep down by exercising the muscles in depth the muscles regain tone and firmness, cellular activity is reactivated and the features are lifted to spectacular effect.
Whitening treatment
With age and sun exposure, the skin becomes tense, sensitive and brown spots can appear. This range treats temporary and permanent pigmentation marks.
Aromatic treatment
Nature has created medicinal plants that have healed people for over 10,000 years. And it is from nature that Guinot draws the plant concentrates and essential oils that makes the skin more beautiful and radiant in this customized facial. This treatment ends with a relaxing facial massage enhanced by pressure points techniques.
Liftsome treatment
It is specially to treat the problems associated with mature skin. These active ingredients combined with warming effect fill the skin with new energy.
A moment of pure pleasure and relaxation, release the stress and tension from your body and let our experienced professional staff lead you upon a journey towards tranquility.This includes Swedish massage, Aromatic body treatment, Thai massage, Scalp massage, Morrocon bath with and without massage.
Spa products

In Thalogo we have

  • Basic purity treatment
  • Hydraulic filler treatment.
Bridal Makeup
  • Barat
  • Skin. G. Facial, Bleach, Threading
  • Polishing, Full arms waxing
  • Walima
  • Model Makeup
  • Sobia’s Signature Line
  • By Sobia (Eyes, Lips & Final Touches)
  • Zarpash Signature Line
Pre-Bridal Services
  • Whitening Facial
  • Waxing
  • Face Polishing
  • Bleach
  • Threading
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
False Nails and Fixing Formal Makeup
  • Nikkah /Engagement
  • Sobia’s Signature Line
  • Zarpash Signature Line
  • Services included Hair do, Nail Color Application, False Eyes lashes, Jewelry fixing, Dupatta fixing
Party Makeup
By Sobia

  • Sobia’s Signature Line

By Zarpash (Lead make-up artist)

  • Party Makeup
Mehndi Makeup
By Sobia

  • Make-up
  • Hair do
  • Nail color application
  • Simple Shoot (20 shoots) without album
  • With effects (25 shoots) without album
  • Album (CD)
Hair services
  • Blow dry
  • Blow dry with hair styling
Hair cutting
  • Child hair do
  • Hair wash
  • Hair cut with blow dry wash (Senior hair stylist)
  • Hair cut with blow dry wash By Sobia (by appointment only)
Hair color services
  • Full Head color (Wella)
  • Full Head color (Loreal)
  • Root touch (Wella)
  • Root touch (Loreal)
  • Foiling & Highlighting
  • Highlighting/ Streaking (Cap Method)
  • Color refresher (Root re-touch, Glossing)
  • Color application (Root touch)
  • Color application (Full head)
Facial Care
  • Skin glowing facial
  • Herbal facial
  • Basic facial
  • Janssen Whitening facial (without bleach)
  • Deep cleansing
  • Face polishing
  • Herbal face polish
  • Herbal bleach
  • Basic bleach
  • Cleansing
Hair treatment
  • Hot oil treatment
  • Deep conditioning
  • Protein treatment
  • Loreal treatment for hair
  • Loreal Protein treatment
  • For falling hair
  • For dry & damage hair
Beauty services
  • Waxing-half legs/full legs
  • Waxing-half arms/full arms
  • Waxing under arms/bikini line, full bikini
  • Waxing full body
  • Threading : eye brows , upper lips & full face
Other treatments
  • Simple manicure
  • Simple pedicure
  • French manicure
  • French pedicure
  • French and paraffin manicure
  • French and paraffin pedicure
  • Manicure with polishing
  • Pedicure with polishing
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