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Ms Sobia Mustapha who is a maestro in her field and Zarpash Mustapha who is very innovative towards fashion and beauty, both traveled to USA to attend the event of Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2014 recently organized in New York which is one of the major cities of USA.This event took place on Friday 27th June in Marriott Union dale Hotel,101 James Doolittle Boulevard Union dale, New York 11553, USA.This whole event was organized by Vision Entertainment & Event Management. This was one of the biggest Pakistani Fashion Event of the year featuring most of the top leading Pakistani and UK fashion designers …some of the biggest names from the Pakistan Fashion Industry!!! With Top Pakistani Super Models, Top Models from UAE & UK. Featuring top Pakistani Fashion Designers: HSY, Umar Sayed, Aisha Farid, Shaheen Jillani, Ayesha Ibrahim, Fozia Hammad of Goal, Shazia Kiyani, Faiza Saqlain and many more & Live Performances. Choreographed by Zaf Shabbir.

The makeover, make up and hairdo was done by Ms Sobia and Ms Zarpash from our unique and top of the line Sobia`s salon. The whole hard work in making the model more stunning and glamorous was done by them.

Sobia`s salon has showcased their expertise in various fashion mediums other than this event such as Pakistan fashion weeks every year and shows abroad as well. At Sobia`s salon we specialize in unique hair styling and artistry, bridal and creative fashion make up and bridal hair styles while providing a friendly environment where your satisfaction is our ut most priority.

The always elegant colors of modernism in Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza ramp 2014 Spark Eve was just fascinating and was attracting the audience successfully. The talented Pakistani fashion designers were introducing varieties of impressive women dress style. That was just an incredible combination of trends in Western and Eastern fashion. Famous fashion designers make such beautiful and attractive ramp along with the efforts behind the stage of sobia`s salon which gave the models the finishing touch.

A two-hour fashion extravaganza, held in New York on Friday evening, showcased the talent and creativity of top Pakistani designers and models before a large and distinguished audience.

The catwalk was a riot of colors as over a dozen models in a range of formal wear, including formal wear, with popular Pakistani music playing in the background.

The show was presented as part of the efforts to promote a soft image of Pakistan.
Their creations in a number of styles and vibrant colors were highly praised by the knowledgeable audience.
“Far from being confined within geographical borders, Pakistan Fashion has gone global, leaving its distinct mark on almost every major culture in the world.”
Sobia`s salon n studio is looking forward to more events and shows like these in the near future as their hard work and creativity is commendable and appreciated throughout the world.
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