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We have entered into the 2015 year. It is a whole new beginning, a whole new world. A new year gives you a chance to live new dreams, not to make old mistakes and just make your life the happiest place.

We are sure the ladies agree with us when we say that the social media images of bridal makeup & photography leave you daydreaming about your nuptials. For those who have had their weddings crave to relive the bridal mania in all its glory. The ones who are about to have their wedding ceremony Search + Save + Download images as a benchmark for their own preparation. Even the ones with no wedding celebrations in sight are still awed and inspired by the bridal glitz and glam.

When the actual stress of picking one out of the amazingly increasing number of quality makeup artists & photographer hits you – everyone tends to feel lost in making the final decision, Budget, availability, and personal style are some of the major factors. So, after you’ve got done with those lovely moments, you should consider coming to us at Sobia`s salon and studio.Yeah, it’s a thing. The peachy glowing skin and the gold glittery eyes with a statement pout, we always think your skin and features should look perfect with the signature touch by Sobia or Zarpash who are the main makeup artists at our salon. Whether you live in UK, USA, Pakistan or UAE. Sobia`s salon is at your service to give you the best look possible. Come make an appointment with us and visit our website at

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