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As we welcome in a new year ….it’s the perfect opportunity to assess our beauty regime and make some resolutions to help us look tip top throughout the year.

Whether it’s looking at your body as a whole, deciding to try a new look or simply promising to clean out your makeup collection every three months, we can all benefit from a little New Year promise to ourselves. Here are our top four resolutions that everyone should try out this January…


The most important resolution anyone can make is to ensure you Take time out once a month (or every week if you have time,) to thoroughly clean your face by coming to us and getting a facial massage or any cleansing package it will not only help cut out transference of nasties, but it will ensure your skin is flawless; trying to apply makeup on a skin that has layers of dead skin and dryness covered is never going to create a great result. For an easy guide to cleaning your skin, check out our latest offers regarding facials.


Taking time out once a week to pamper yourself can really benefit your overall well being. Come to us to put on a hair and face mask. That hour or two relaxes the senses and provides the time you need to keep yourself looking and feeling great. It’s always good to treat your hair as nicely as your treat your skin every time and find a perfect moment for that hair mask and treatment, so if you’ve scheduled an hour to yourself you will definitely enjoy your time with us.


You can all get stuck in a makeup rut, applying the same few products day in and day out. It’s easier to stick with what you know and what works for you, but this can make your makeup look and feel stale. Why not make an indulgent step of a new bold lipstick, unusual eye color or liquid eyeliner this January and play around with what works for you. We are here at Sobia salon to give you that new look and figure out the best way to wear it for you (subtle eyes, hair up, dressed down…) then it will give you more confidence to strut your look anew.


In the summer it’s easy to remember a regular pedicure – because we’re constantly looking at our tootsies. However, in the colder months when we’re constantly keeping our feet under wraps in boots and socks, it becomes less of a priority. Make time every six weeks to come to us and soak your feet, buff dry skin, remove old polish and apply some foot cream with some soothing and relaxing massage; not only will this ensure your feet are looking great, but it will prevent that panic when the sun comes out without warning and we have to don the sandals once again. Our feet take as much as a battering in winter as they do in summer so look after them…

What are your beauty resolutions? Will you be trying any of our services in winters this year. For any further details please visit our website

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